Wednesday, December 7, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Go figure that the week I get my act together and write a WIP Wednesday post, the linkup goes on hiatus!  I'm posting anyway, and this week the linky icon goes just to the main page of Freshly Pieced.  Maybe I can do it on my own through January when the linky comes back!

Completed Projects: 

Spring Zig Zag! - I got some time over Thanksgiving to sit and do some hand-sewing on the binding.  I think I have a couple of stitches left to put in the hanging sleeve, and it needs to be labeled, but it's completely bound, and I'm counting it as a win.  I mean, a finish.

A couple Christmas presents (new and completed, so I'll count it as one unit).  Secret, of course, until after Christmas.  There are a couple more to work on and to finish, but I'll plan on posting on them all after the holidays.

New Projects: 

Diamond Throw - Remember those diamonds I posted about my husband playing with a couple months ago?  They have evolved into a set of blocks and have been hanging out on the design wall.  Eric and I had a great morning playing with the diamonds and rearranging them.  

Ongoing Projects:

Secret Project - Finally making some progress on this - I need to quilt the border and bind and label it, and it can be off!  (And then, like the Christmas presents, it can stop being secret!)

Placemat Pair - One quilted, one to go.

No Progress/On Hold:
Crosses and Losses
Curtains for the dining room
Fall wall hanging of maple leaves
Orange and aqua throw
Sisters Sampler
Wedding Quilt
Old Timey Stars
Dad's Sudoko Puzzle
Hand-quilted dresden plates
Orange and aqua pillow covers - based on my new living room, I may be abandoning these.  I just have to convince myself that it's okay to drop something off my list!

This Week's Stats:
New projects - 2 (counting Christmas gifts all together)
Completed projects - 2
Currently in progress - 13

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