Sunday, December 4, 2011

Back From Hiatus

I've been on an unintended hiatus - looking at my last post, since September.  I've been distracted and busy, and once I fell behind posting, I just kept staying behind.  (Every Wednesday I tell myself that THIS week, I'll at least link to WIP Wednesday - oops.)  Mostly I've been busy because I'm working six days a week now, which kind of puts a damper on down time at home.  On top of that, my camera had an incident (note - cameras don't like falling, even only a couple inches) and had to be replaced.  The upside of that means I've upgraded!

The other contributing factor in my delinquency has been a complete reorganization of my sewing space, with the accompanying chaos.  My darling husband has finally (almost) finished building us a custom room-divider/cutting counter/bookcase.  Almost because staining and really finishing won't be happening during either finals period or winter; however, it is fully assembled and a functional surface, which is a vast improvement over the folding table I had been using.




As you can see, it's actually gone through several stages of rearranging and new furniture, including the addition of those awesome Ikea EXPEDIT shelves.  It's also gone through MANY stages of cleaning - somehow the piles of fabric have a tendency to just keep growing on their own!

If I start writing now, perhaps I can get myself caught up and posted for WIP Wednesday?

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