Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy Spring!

Well, it's been a while since I've been here!  I've been wicked busy, but actually not too much quilting until yesterday.  We've had a friend staying with us and it's finally been sunny enough that (most) of our snow is gone, so we've been out and about, enjoying the balmy fifty-degree weather.

I've also been working on wedding invitations - we printed them ourselves, Eric cut each of them, and I am hand-stamping the decorations:

These are cards requesting fabric for our wedding quilt.
Each is now stamped with "A REQUEST."  Whew!
Yesterday morning I did get some time to just sew and made progress on several projects.  I also figured out how to catch when my bobbin tension goes haywire, hopefully before it makes the back of the piece all loopy.  It's been driving me crazy for months.

My Spring Zig-Zags I started last time it snowed - I guess in protest and anticipation.  I was inspired by this quilt and used the HST tutorial from p. s. i quilt.

Mine is made with 4-inch finished blocks and will finish as a wall-hanging.  I did sketch it out and color it in pencil to make sure I had my dimensions right, then cut out my big squares and threw them up on the design wall.  I played with the layout until I liked the way the colors worked, then started sewing them into HST blocks.

This shows the progress about halfway through the piecing.
Wow, that second yellow shows up brighter in the photo!
Now my challenge is getting the points to kindof sortof match up when I sew those together - I'm getting better at it, but I'm also getting pickier, which has meant some seam ripping.  I'm also debating adding more yellow on the bottom, although I'm not sure I like my available options.  (By the way, this top is 100% stash except for the two yellows!)

Starting to join the rows and match points.  Yellows at bottom are auditioning to be included.
The other accomplishment from yesterday were pillow-case tops for my living room, to go with the throw quilt that is mid-quilting.  They were both planned as I went, with just the basic ideas of nine-patch and rail fences and using up the 1-inch borders I had left over.  I'm really happy with how they have turned out, although I think next time I do pillows, I'll start with a bigger basic block!  The one on the left will have the brown flowers as a border as well - that's next on the to-sew list!

I think that's sufficient cheeriness to celebrate this beautiful spring day!  I hope yours is as sunny and warm!

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