Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wedding Colors

Well, for the first day of Spring, it snowed.  Go figure.

Back for Valentine's Day, Eric brought home flowers for me.  He stayed away from red roses and instead picked out gorgeous orange roses with a beautiful shading across the petals from yellow to bright orange.  He paired them with purple mums and left me not one, not two, but FIVE vases going up the stairs.  The color combination isn't new to me - purple and orange are our wedding colors - but I loved how his particular combination made them pop.

Some of Eric's arrangements rearranged on our dining table.
Since these are our wedding colors, I've been working with them pretty constantly - the most recent being searching for the right combination for a flower girl dress.  I'm pretty excited about the look of a deep purple dress and a bright orange sash.

Not my actual flower girl!  Image is from the Dessy website.
I've been collecting purple and orange fabrics - and I've even managed to find a couple that use both - but they feel scattered, not a cohesive collection.  Part of this is because my tastes range from fresh and modern to historic reproduction prints, which don't always play nicely together.  

I've actually added quite a few more to the group since I took this photo.

I have grand visions of pieced table runners from these fabrics, but since I only have three months to go, I'd better get started!

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