Wednesday, October 31, 2012

WIP Wednesday - Halloween Edition

It's been eight months since my last WIP post, so counting out this list is quite complicated.  I don't have any big finishes, but I have a lot of tops.  Hopefully next week's WIP will be the Quilting Edition. 

Completed Projects:

*Halloween Costumes - I'm going to count this one as new (and finished!) today.  The hubby and I are going to a Halloween party tonight, and a costume was not optional.  Three old shirts and a little fiberfill later - PONG!

Ongoing Projects: 

Star Log Cabin - Still needs a label - the label is actually all made up, just needs to be written and dated.  I was actually sorting though photographs from the nineties a couple weeks ago and came across progress photos of this quilt!  I think that means it's an older WIP than I had thought.  I guess this is on hold until I can pin down a better date for its piecing (and quilting).

Diamond Throw - Top is DONE!  I waffled, but finally decided to put on borders, and I'm really happy with how it framed it.  The backing is pieced and ready to go.  And I bought a king size batting, so I'm ready to go to town on quilting when I get my courage up.

*Bento Box throw - Hah, another new one!  I had a roll of strips hanging out, and decided

*Sneaky project - Shh.  Backing purchased, waiting for piecing then quilting.

Fall Leaves wall hanging - Looking lovely, ready to be basted.

*Dots wall hanging - Applique finished - a zigzag with matching thread worked nicely.  Basted and ready for quilting.  I'm thinking about trying circle quilting on here.  I had actually tried before to do a spiral overall, but quilting over the fusible web did not go nicely, so I think I'll avoid that.  The edges look choppy, but I'm planning on "framing" it with a quilting hoop, and that will cover all the choppy bits - this is destined for my bathroom wall.

Placemat Pair - One down, one to go.  I really like the one that's finished, so you would think I would get on the second one faster.

Sister Sampler - I'm now ahead of my sister on this one!  For her birthday, I slipped in an extra Friendship Star block, and made one up in each of our colorways.  She's busy working multiple jobs and applying for grad school, so this is on the back burner.

Red and White Crosses and Losses - There's a long story here about how I ordered more of the red I ran out of and it turned out that it didn't match at all and I got sad at the online shop that promised they had matched it.  However, before complaining, I double checked my order, and this one is all on me.  The Fat Quarter Shop was extremely helpful matching the color, and I was careless in ordering.  Now I need to order the right red, and find something to do with three yards of the wrong red.

No Progress/On Hold:
Curtains for the dining room - These have been hanging for ages, but one still needs hemming.  Oops?
Hand-quilted dresden plates
Orange and aqua pillow covers
Orange and aqua throw

Wedding Quilt
Old Timey Stars
Dad's Sudoko Puzzle

This Week's Stats:
New projects - 4
Completed projects - 1
Currently in progress - 16

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