Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Little Project!

What do you do when your husband borrows your tools and leaves them everywhere?  You make him a present, of course!

Eric has been working on a project (a custom-designed backpack, which deserves its own post and props for its construction) and he has been stealing my tools for hand-sewing portions of it.  I figured I would make something to contain them and then maybe I have a chance of finding them.  I used this tutorial from nanaCompany.  I wanted to make a husswife, but decided to start with something that felt just a little simpler - just one panel, turned inside out and a couple "pages" inside.

Four felt pages inside for pins and needles.

I added two little pockets for a seam ripper and pencil, because he has a habit of stealing those as well.  Now it will live there and not wander away!

I raided my scrap basket and button box, so I used just things I had on hand!  He was so happy with it when he got home.  We'll just have to wait and see if it does its job.  In the meantime, I'm proud of having started *and* finished a project!

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