Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fabric Finds!

I did not get much quilting done this last week - I have hit a block in my current project and I'm mulling and auditioning fabrics for it.  Plus my little sister came out to visit me, so I was busy doing other things.  I did get to play show and tell with quilt tops she hasn't seen.  We also went to Goodwill looking for picture frames (and totally struck out), but did come home with about 17 yards of cotton quilting fabrics for $5!!

A sample of the approximately 17 yards!

We actually found four curtains homemade from the light green pattern, so that is slated to go up in our office.  My sister took home about two yards, and I got to keep the selection you see above.  Some really neat patterns (that orange batik! those adorable bears!) and some things that round out my stash - I have next to no pink, and certainly no bright pink.  But now I do!

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