Sunday, May 1, 2011

Catching Up

As my sister helpfully reminded me last night, "you're now 3 weeks behind on your blog!!"  Mea culpa.  I'm here to try to remedy this.

It has (finally) been beautifully sunny out here, so my sewing time has been taken up by walks and a wee bit of spring cleaning recently.  And a couple of my projects are destined for other people, so they're not ready for sharing yet.  But I'm not holding out on everything - I have a couple experiments in quilting to share.

First up: Two completed pillow tops, which match the orange and blue lap quilt that is half-quilted and intended for the living room.  The quilting on the nine-patch seemed obvious - dense, straight-line quilting emphasizing the nine-patch block.  

I love the way the grid looks on the back - I'm almost disappointed that this part will be hidden!  Now that it's quilted, I need to figure out how to finish the cover - and decide whether I'm brave enough to tackle a zipper.  Can we do it?

And my spring zig-zags at last.  I straight-line quilted in the ditch along the diagonals in dark purple, and I love the way it turned out.  I debated adding a second line of quilting echoing the zig-zags in the middle of the rows, but I think I'll leave well enough alone on this one.  One of the reasons I never finish things is that I'm afraid it won't turn out perfect.  And you know what?  This isn't perfect, and it won't be, but it will be done, and cheery, and look wonderful on the spot I have picked out for it on my wall.  Or so I have to keep telling myself...

And now I'm back to my machine, hoping to have some finished table runners to share sometime soon.

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